Cannot assign requested address at socketBind(Native Method).

‘Exception:’ error. This error message indicates that the port your server is trying to bind to is already occupied, preventing your server from starting or operating properly.

You will see below exception while starting tomcat server.
Exception: Cannot assign requested address
at Method)
Resolving the ‘Exception:’

Step 1. Move to conf directory using command prompt or linux terminal
          apache-tomcat $ cd conf and

Step 2. Open server.xml file which is available in confg folder
        apache-tomcat/conf $ vi server.xml

Step 3. add address=”″ to <Server port=”7005″ shutdown=”SHUTDOWN”>
<Server port=”7005″ address=”″ shutdown=”SHUTDOWN”>

Step 4. Restart the service

How to Safely Kill Running Ports?

Command to start / stop tomcat


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