Crawled currently not indexed These pages aren’t indexed or served on Google.

Crawled – currently not indexed which means your pages are already crawled by google search engine but its not been indexed.

To fix this issue please follow below steps:

  1. Login to Google Search Console using your email and password, then you will see interface like this. If you have already verified your website, if not read here how to verify website.
Crawled currently not indexed
Crawled currently not indexed


2. Click on pages and you will see list of reason why pages are not indexed.

Fixed Indexing Problems

3. Open each list and click on INSPECT URL, you will see Crawl information, such as Crawl time Crawled as, Indexing allowed,


Now Click on Test Live Url from top right side of Google Search Console page.

4. Click on Request Indexing, It will re-submit the request to goole to index it again, wait for 2-3 days as soon as it is indexed it will appear index page.

Request Indexing

Login back to Google Search Console and validate after few days !!

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